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About Jūrės medis

Joint-stock company “Jūrės medis” is one of the largest manufacturers of glue laminated timber structures in the Baltic states.

The company has produced such structures since 1974 and the origins of the company date back to 1909, when the German merchant F. Torkler has established a new sawmill in Jūrės village. Extensive experience and high quality of products is approved by the quality certificate of the German “Otto Graf“ Institute for strength classes A, GL24(BS11),GL28(BS14) and GL32(BS16) in accordance with DIN and EN norms. In 2012, company received ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates.

Joint-stock company “Jūrės medis” produces straight and bent laminated timber building structures, massive wood beams connected along the length and wooden roofs. We also produce log houses, sauna houses and summer bungalows from glued beams. We produce houses from cut spruce and pine lumber jackets, which together with beams are produced using modern equipment, employing extensive experience, gained throughout the entire life of the company. The constructions are produced from Lithuanian and Siberian spruce, pine and larch timber, using melamine glue.

UAB Jūrės medis also provides the following services:

  • Preparation of advance proposals,
  • Preparation of projects,
  • Supply and construction of steel components,
  • Wood impregnation,
  • Fire retardance,
  • Transportation,
  • Installation;