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Construction of Lithuanian pavilion in Dubai is going to an end

At the world exhibition “EXPO 2020”, which will take place in Dubai from October 1st, construction of Lithuanian pavilion in going to an end. Its installation work is currently being completed.

The Ministry of Environment, which is responsible for our country’s performance in Dubai, has been preparing for this exhibition for three years now.

“The world exhibition” EXPO 2020″ is a special opportunity for Lithuania to expand international relations in the fields of economy, science and culture, this way creating a good image of the country. Up till now, 194 states declared their participation in this event. The Ministry of Environment already has a successful experience of seven global EXPO exhibitions, but it is very important that business, science and culture people contribute as much as possible in the preparation of the exhibition” says Minister of Environment Simonas Gentvilas.

The Lithuanian exposition will be installed in the already built graceful and colourful pavilion of almost a thousand square meters, designed by the architects company “Baukas”, who won the national competition. Pavilion is built on a 15 acre plot. The visitor’s gaze is first of all attracted by the wooden open entrance portal. Our pavilion harmoniously intersects between the neighbouring pavilions of Sweden and Slovenia, which are also dominated by wooden structures that are still quite unusual in Dubai.

The wood motif is continued inside the pavilion. Here, the main exposition called “Kinetic Tree” is organized by the winning exhibition company “Mart Pro”. Although traditional folk motifs are used, a lot of attention is paid to the latest technologies created in Lithuania, the circular economy, renewable energy and other modern solutions. All the electricity required for the exposition will be supplied by a solar power plant with two-sided modules manufactured by the Lithuanian company “SoliTek”, installed on the rooftop of pavilion.

There will be a shop for Lithuanian products and souvenirs inside the pavilion, and the national cuisine will be presented by a modern café. The Ministry of Environment will be advised in selecting the commercial operator by the currently being renewed Inter-Institutional Coordination Commission for Preparation for the Exhibition. The cultural program of the Lithuanian National Day, which will take place on October 22nd  and other business and cultural events will be discussed with it also.

Although “EXPO 2020” was postponed for a year, due to the global pandemic last year, by the decision of all participating countries, the preparations, somewhat slowed down, but did not stop for a day. Almost all the objects built by the organizers of the exhibition themselves have already been completed: the central dome of Al Wasl, under which all the most important events will take place,  and thematic pavilions. The EXPO village, which will house the participants of all countries, has also been built and equipped, a new metro line has been built, and so on. The construction of participating countries pavilions in most part is near completion.

It is not expected to postpone the exhibition again. It will start in 2021 October 1st and will last six months, under the conditions that will prevail at that time. The previously projected number of visitors – 25 million – may decrease due to possible restrictions, but the organizers of the exhibition are not in a hurry to change their expectations. The name of the exhibition does not change also – although it will actually take place in 2021-2022, it will continue to be called “EXPO 2020”.