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Lithuanian flag has been raised next to our country’s pavilion in “EXPO 2020”

The flag of our country was raised next to the Lithuanian pavilion at the world exhibition “EXPO 2020”, which will start in Dubai in five months.

According to Romas Jankauskas, General Commissioner of the Lithuanian Exposition and the Head of the EXPO Division of the Ministry of Environment, the symbolic ribbon-cutting and flag-raising ceremony was held at a time when representatives of the participating countries were gathering before the exhibition. 370 envoys from 173 states and 24 international organizations arrived in Dubai. A total of 190 countries are expected to participate in the world class event.

Pavilions of many countries are being completed or are under construction. Already completed almost a thousand square meters Lithuanian pavilion catches the eye with its graceful wooden structure at the entrance. It is located on a 15 acre plot. The installation of the main exposition space will begin soon.

Twelve guide-translators will work in the pavilion. They were selected by competition a week ago.

The half-yearly exhibition will start on the 1st of October, and Lithuania on the 22nd of October will celebrate it’s National Day in the event. The Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra and famous opera soloists will be brought to “EXPO 2020” on this occasion.

The Ministry of Environment, which is responsible for our country’s performance in “EXPO 2020” Dubai, has a successful experience in seven world EXPO exhibitions. Preparation for EXPO in Dubai took three years. Due to the pandemic, “EXPO 2020” was postponed for a year, last year by the decision of all participating countries. Although it will actually take place in 2021-2022, it will continue to be called “EXPO 2020”.

Exhibition in Dubai will continue tradition once started at the first world EXPO in London 170 years ago.