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Our vision

Lithuania – Open and genuine

We believe that in the eyes of the whole world, Lithuania can be shown as it really is – open and genuine. These two keywords clearly define our country‘s presentation in the Expo 2020 Dubai and correspond to its sustainable synergy subtheme. In this remarkable exhibition, we want to reveal our country by highlighting its brightest features and value in various realms.

Lithuania is open to innovation, new ideas, and collaboration. We see ourselves as a dynamic and transparent country that is perfect for investments and growing businesses.

Due to technological development, fluent information dissemination and its accessibility, Lithuania is an excellent country for the development of modern ideas.

Lithuania is genuine because of its nation’s attitude towards historical and cultural heritage as well as an appreciation of its gifted people and diverse nature. Lithuanians respect their ancestors, cherish simplicity, Baltic traditions, ecological food and they sincerely protect their country’s landscape for the next generations.

Our vision and the main purpose in the Expo 2020 Dubai is to provide visitors with a true Lithuanian experience. To emphasize how openness and genuineness correlate with each other in Lithuanian identity. To demonstrate how strongly Lithuanians cherish traditions by upholding them in a modern way.