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About SoliTek

SoliTek – solar craftsmanship and dedication to quality.

SoliTek is part of BOD GROUP, a privately-owned engineering company, whose expertise dates back to 1998, when the first industrial CD manufacturing plant was established in Vilnius. Since then, constant innovation and engineering R&D enabled the diversification and expansion of the business. Today BOD GROUP covers 3 major areas: solar technology (SoliTek), ophthalmic lenses (Bod Lenses) and CD manufacturing (BOD). All 3 businesses have one major technology in common – thin layer coatings.

SoliTek researches, develops, manufactures, sells and installs top quality glass-glass, as well standard solar panels, for the rooftops of any kind, integrated into buildings (BIPV) or stand-alone on the ground. SoliTek works with installers and distributors, as well as private customers all across the EU. 80% of SoliTek solar panels are exported to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, etc.

SoliTek produce 2 series of modules – premium glass-glass SOLID Pro and STANDARD. The double glass SOLID series contains 5 models:

  • SOLID Pro (main model)
  • SOLID Framed (thinner glass, aluminium frame)
  • SOLID Bifacial (double-sided SOLID Pro)
  • Solrif® (roof integrated SOLID Pro)
  • SOLID Wall (facade ready SOLID Pro)

SoliTek provides a 30-year product warranty for all SOLID Pro series solar panels, 87%  performance guarantee after 30 years. The SOLID Pro modules are designed to prioritize lifetime, reliability and long-term savings. SOLID Pro modules are not only safe, rated fire class A, strong, beautiful, but also long-lasting. Each component plays an important role in the lifetime and performance of our panels.

STANDARD solar panels can be three types:

  • Monocrystalline with white back sheet
  • Polycrystalline with white back sheet
  • Monocrystalline with black back sheet – Full Black

SoliTek provides a 20-year product warranty for all STANDARD PV panels, 80 percent performance guarantee after 25 years.

SoliTek is putting maximum effort not only to supply renewable energy technologies, but to do this in a most environmentally friendly way. Due to use of renewable energy in manufacturing, SoliTek save over 400 tons of CO2 from emission each year. That’s the equivalent of planting 2000 trees. Production is powered and cooled by renewable energy mix – both solar (150 kW on the roof of the building) and geothermal (108 boreholes as deep as 148 m underground), which produces 1 MW of Geothermal power.