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What Lithuanian souvenirs will travel to Dubai: wooden spoons or amber necklaces?

The Ministry of Environment intends to announce the selection of companies with which it will cooperate in presenting Lithuanian cuisine and souvenirs during the world exhibition “EXPO 2020”. The installation work continues in the Lithuanian pavilion, which will aim to represent our country during this world class event.

The winning companies will host visitors in a catering and shopping space, which is designed on the ground floor of the building and will be installed in the upcoming months. There will a small cafe-bar with twenty-five seats, a modern kitchen that meets all food production and hygiene requirements, and a special area for the sale of Lithuanian products and souvenirs, which will meet visitors as soon as they enter the pavilion. But shopping in it will be possible only on the way out, after visiting all the exhibition.

General Commissioner of the Lithuanian Pavilion Romas Jankauskas, for whom the upcoming EXPO is the seventh, admits whishing that the trade in Lithuanian pavilion would be modern and visitors could buy only carefully selected souvenirs or other products, indicating their valuable properties, CO2 emissions and more on the labels. Offered dishes and drinks should be as subtle as possible, and the daily restaurant menu should be varied with occasional performances by our best chefs.

“It would be much easier to have one partner, but as practice shows, chefs are not always successful in organizing the sale of non-food products, and souvenir traders are not necessarily the real masters of taste,” explains R. Jankauskas.

Trade and catering companies which will decide to submit proposals, this could be a chance to earn themselves and help earning to Lithuanian producers. Their enthusiasm is cooled by the significant investments required for these activities (staff recruitment and accommodation, logistics, obtaining permits and certificates, etc.). All in all restrictions on supermarkets and restaurants in Dubai are already minimal, and the opening of exhibition on the 1st of October, because of positive effects of the vaccination can become a real celebration of such long waited human interaction which could be very profitable.

The Ministry of Environment will be assisted in selecting a commercial operator by inter-institutional coordination commission, which was renewed this week. The Ministry of Environment, which is responsible for our country’s performance in Dubai, has been preparing for this exhibition for three years. Due to the global pandemic, “EXPO 2020” was postponed for a year by the decision of all participating countries.